Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pants to the ground

Okay so this post has nothing to do with “Pants to the ground, pants to the ground, looking like a fool… but I love American Idol and was so glad to see our Brett Favre sing this now famous song after his big win on Sunday. Go Vikings! We have been Viking fans for way too long and how exciting it would be to make it to the Super bowl.

Okay now back to the pics of the remodel. Last Saturday my oldest daughter had speech in Valentine and my son had basketball games in Valentine so at the break of day I headed out to run back and forth between gyms and this is what i came home to.


Partial installation of some cupboards and my dishwasher in place waiting to be hooked up. oh dear new dishwasher of mine… my new friend. Oh how i can’t wait to hook you up and no longer wash dishes in the tub.

Lance and middle daughter had spent the whole day taking taking out base cabinets and sink and setting up the new cabinets. Thanks you two. What a wonderful surprise.

Somehow i deleted the pictures of the kitchen completely gutted. i hate it when that happens…. So we are a week in and this is all we’ve accomplished..

1. old cupboards out

2. new cupboards stained and polyurethaned

3. walls and ceiling textured

4. walls and ceiling painted

5. base cabinets along west wall installed.

Stay tuned for the next installation where you’ll see a man in cowboy boots and hat installing some amazing new laminate flooring…Compelling i tell ya:)



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