Saturday, January 30, 2010


Character is what makes a space your space.    Last year i picked these up at a garage sale.  They were purple but after a quick coat of paint, they will support the counter on our buffet turned island.

IMG_5892 I plan on painting/staining the island black.  We have decided to add a platform to the base of the buffet to give it some height and to have something to sit the storage baskets on. 

Here are the other character building pieces…courtesy of my mom and goodwill.  The bottom of each leg will be cut off and attached to the base of the cabinets to make the cabinets look more like furniture instead of cheap oak cabinets…stained to look like  cherry.  You get the picture.  IMG_5894

IMG_5893Have a great week… We are off to Omaha to search for more knobs for the drawers… Wish us luck.




...more today than yesterday... said...

Are you and your beautiful girls going to be able to make it to Denver the weekend of the 19th for girls'/spa weekend? I hope so!!

The Childrens Nest said...

Hi! Thanks for coming to the Childrens Nest today! Ok I believe we put them into the mic at regular power for about 2 mins. I think Brooke may be right...they might be better at 50%power! Let me know if you make them :o) Have a great day and so fun to "meet" another blogger!!

Vintagesquirrel said...

I am wishing you the best of luck. I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

janae cairns said...

Hi Roxanne~
Thanks for visiting! Last time I was at Goodwill I picked up a few comment cards and plan to fill them out although I LOVE your idea of a protest :) FAB shade of green for the brackets!