Friday, July 22, 2011

Barn door headboard

My husband and I just recently upgraded our queen size mattress for a new plush king mattress. We then began the task of searching for the perfect headboard at the "perfect" price. First we couldnt' decide on the style...then came the price..ouch. So on the weekend of the 4th of July, we went shopping for the perfect headboard.Did I mention we spent the 4th at our cabin in the sandhills? So...anyway we headed out shopping. That's the kids in front of us.. Jayden and Grandma Sandy in the ranger and the girls on the 4-wheeler. We decided to take the pups along for the ride as well. That's Papa bringing up the tail end. Why would we all travel together in one vehicle? :)On to the road that lead us to our "furniture store".And here she is in all her glory.. Husband was just as excited as I was.... or maybe not..Perfect patina... majestic in size...just down right perfect. It was going to be torn down next month and a new barn going in it's place. Lance and Papa attached it together to assure the transportation of our purchase.We took it home and began with giving her a good clorox bath. The husband was still thinking I had completely lost my mind. However the price was right up his alley so he didn't complain too much.. or maybe he did but I didn't tell ya. :)We also did a white wash treatment over the doors with nothing less than the perfect paint of choice..Annie Sloan chalk paint. She fit all of the way to the ceiling which I adored. I would have loved to have had the louvers but no room. The pillows were purchased on clearance from Target and TJ Maxx. Oh and also from my daughters bed.. shh she still doesnt' know.

The window to the barn door was made of plexi glass and in tough shape so I covered it with some fabric I found on ebay and a little ribbon.Just love the patina...This black pillow was made from scraps of fabric and pom poms..When I brought in the chicken warming light to use as my bedside lamp...husband thought I had completely lost what marbles were left.Thanks for stopping by... I am linking up to Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Friday.