Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lovin me some Ballard Designs fabric

I have been staring at my footstool for a long time now knowing that there was still life in it but it needed a new look... and here it is.
9 years ago my best friend who just happens to be my husband helped me make this footstool and this is the third re-upholstering that it has under gone and by far my favorite.
I had found the footstool I wanted in Ballard and if I remember right @ that the time it would be about $499 to purchase it.
So I hopped on e-bay and purchased the feet for $24.99 and used old cushions from a bench and took them apart and my husband constructed the frame.
Here is the before picture. And now I am off to vacume. I didn't realize how dirty the carpet was until looking @ my pics.. Oops... Life...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Once again it is Outdoor Wednesday with Susan over at . I decided to share with you today some pics of my Moms Grand baby Garden.
This is the entrance into the garden. Three years ago for Moms birthday I took the cousins and we went and searched all of Omaha for five statues that in some way resembled Moms grandkids. We finally found them. and here they are.
I then had the kids make stepping stones with their handprint and another one with their names. My adorable husband wrote a poem about the grandbaby garden and what a fun gift it was to give. Mom has since added more flowers as well. We will try to update with more pics of todays grandbaby garden. And if my brother would ever get busy.... (hint hint) maybe we could add a few more grand babies....
Blesssings and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayers Please

Adam, Asley, and Andrew
For every believer out there, I am asking for earnest, sincere, heartfelt prayer for a family in our lives. My daughter lost a dear friend a week ago Monday in a tragic accident on her way to dance practice and school. We mourned her death and celebrated her life a week ago Saturday. Then Monday night, one week later, the two brothers were in an accident and their oldest son was killed. Please lift them up and ask Jesus to carry them through this tough time. I have met some dear sisters in Christ through this blog and knew I could call on you to pray.