Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Island Hopping

So I have been dreaming of an island in the extended part of our kitchen redo.  After pricing the purchase of an island or the products to build an island I began to think that I had best give up my dream.  And then I was reminded of this piece of furniture in my basement.

IMG_5769 10 years ago when we moved to A-town I was helping my G-ma’s sister clean out her basement and there sat this craftsman style buffet.  it was covered in paint stains and the likes.  Margaret shared that it had been a gift from her students when she retired from teaching in Long Pine Nebraska.  The wood class had made it for her.  She said that her husband had used it as his workbench.  Yes….I said workbench people.  So soon after I received a call from M asking me if I would like Ted’s workbench and I brought it to it’s new home.  So now I’m thinking, paint it black… maybe like a black glaze or stain, add some wooden wheels, a countertop  and waa laaa…. my island.    Stay tuned and here we go….




jen said...

I love it! It will make a perfect island...can't wait to see what you do with it!

...more today than yesterday... said...

That'll be perfect! I vote for black stain. I ADORE craftsman style. Most girls have movie stars as heros; I consider Frank Lloyd Wright, the amazing prarie-craftsman style architect, my hero. I cannot wait to emmulate some of his stained glass for our new house. If I had unlimited funds and he was still living, he would be designing and building my house, including all the furniture and windows in it.

Marilyn said...

Love that piece you found in your basement. It just looks like "kitchen island" and the story with it makes it even better! It will be fun to see how everything looks as you do the changes. Thanks for sharing.