Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our latest addition

Well here she is... our latest addition. This year while Christmas shopping my mother in law asked if I would like new furniture for Christmas. With some thought I decided to pass...Jusk kidding! Who would pass up new furniture? We immediately made our way to Nebraska Furniture Mart to start shopping. We finally ended up with Ashley and I love the style! The couch is very long, a pre requisit for our living room which houses many a teens, bible studies, friends, football games, etc. We purchased the set at Schramm's Furniture in Winner South Dakota. We were so happy with their selection and price was unbeatable! The style is one that I can slipcover as well. I have purchased the drop cloths now need to purchase the seamstress! Thanks Mom Karen. I'm in love!
Blessings and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

I've joined with Coastal Charm and Holiday Home.
I have a passion for CHRISTmas. There is no other season that sings "decorate in my honor" as Christmas does.
Each year I choose a different color theme for the main Christmas tree and living room. This turquoise,red, and silver. The only problem with that is the essentials you need to decorate with...such as a tree skirt can add up when you're changing the colors. So here you can see another use for your favorite quilt. This was a gift from my m-i-l and I love it. It adds so much texture to an area of the tree that you usually aren't even attracted to.

This hand blown glass ornament...amazing...was a gift from a friend at work.

I was unable to find the perfect tree i improvised and Walmart (and m-i-l) came to my rescue with these amazing glitterly colored swirly twigs make quite an impact, don't you think?

Little nests with more glitz adorn the tree.

We three kings....

Another splash of my three accent colors.

The built in shelves also received a little taste of Christmas....

I had picked my color theme for Christmas in September while on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt and found this mercury silver vase in a giveaway box. I thanked em, and thanked em again. The other two vases were picked up at our local thrift store. Then out came some of my favorite vintage mini ornaments and adorned the tray..

A few more touches of the three colors in the built in alcoves.

So I kind of have this thing with Christmas trees... not really...just kinda.

Just a few touches of Christmas in the kitchen.

The new pendant lights was perfect to add a little touch.

The kitchen and dining room featured authentic Christmas colors.

A small touch of Christmas to the pot rack...just a simple thrift store tree laying on it's side.

Sometimes it's the little touches that make the biggest statement in decorating.

A display of stars from my mom... Love em....

A small collection of boots.

Three baskets of vintage ornaments adorn the dining table. So many of the balls were gifts from friends who know of my passion.

Joy to the World.........

The large joy picture was made from an old bulletin board and the mirror was a gift from my mom from one of my favorite stores.

The tree in the dining room is my husbands. It is covered with pheasant feathers with antlers around the base. For some reason this is the only pic I have of the tree. Will post more later.

My family has blessed me with a bounty of amazing Christmas dishes. Due to a lack of cupboard space, I display them in my cradenza.

A few pics of the mantle. I already posted about it but wanted to include a few pics to tie it all together.

My daughter decorated our bedroom. I would have never thought of hanging the ornaments in the apothecary jars...but I'm a lovin it.

This wreath started out as .99 bargain I purchased at the thrift store. With a can of silver spray paint, glitter, and glam and we have a piece that stands out.

Empty frames become a work of art with some decorations adorning them.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Breaking Bread

Today was an amazing day. Fifteen sisters in Christ gathered in our home for a Christmas brunch and a time of fellowship.
Before the brunch began, three of us prayed that God would ordain and use this fellowship for His glory and that those that God would have be there would be able to be with us. Each guest brought a special purpose to the morning.
Patty, my co-host for the day made these amazing nutella filled pastries that even the youngest of guests could not leave alone.Notice her "Merry Christmas" on her plate.
And notice the writing I had a friend write on one of my plates before the day began. Sisters in Christ can be more alike than one can ever imagine.:)

We used an old coke crate to put the punch cups.

Cappucino punch and hot cider were served as our guests arrived.

Caden was our entertainment:)

We had a mind engaging devotion that provoked all of us to dig inside of ourselves and the season we are celebrating. Patti plans on posting the devotion on fb and when she does, I will share with you all. We talked about the different relationships that Mary had in her life. Her relationship with God, Joseph, and her cousin Elizabeth during her pregnancy. And those same relationships are just as important to us moms today. I am always touched how God can reveal himself to us in so many ways and how absolutely amazing His word is.

Some brought gift giving ideas that were home made to share with us.
Calendars for grandparents, home made stockings from old sweaters, gratitude get the picture. I encourage everyone to spend time with sisters in Christ this season. They have a way of filling you up with passion for God as well as passion for life. They also keep accountable. Which is a good thing:)