Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trash To Treasure Tuesday

O.K. So once again I'm a day late and more than a dollar short!! But.. I love being able to join in with Diane and other wonderful bloggers for this fun day. To me there is no greater joy than to take something you've purchased for nothing and turn it into a treasure. Today my trash to treasure are these candle holders.
I have been wanting some mercury glass candle holders but haven't been able to afford them... until after Christmas. Then I was able to purchase the votive holders that you see pictured here as well as the pillar candle holder for 70% off and then another 40% off of the %70 off. Just change I tell ya. Now for the other part of my treasure.
O.K. so I know they're not perfect and maybe don't look exactly like mercury glass... but maybe a little? I took three taper holders and silver leaved them, antiqued them and now all I need to doo is put a shiny clear gloss coat on them . Total cost is under $5.00 for the set of three and a feeling of accomplishment! I did purchase a silver tray that now leans up against the wall behind my faux mercury glass.
Thanks for stopping in and make sure to stop by to see more trash to treasure takes.



Frugal Window Treatment

Our living room has been in need of a new window treatment for quite some time. For some reason this window has caused me much grief as I have purchased different valances, drapes, etc. and have never been happy. My last attempt was with a dark velvet, dark chocolate lace with another layer mixed in. Well $300.00 later I still was not happy. Hence my final attempt.

As I was sitting looking at my window I remembered a quilt I had purchased on e-bay for $9.99 in hopes to make it in to a table cloth. Soo I pulled out the quilt, had the hubby cut a piece of wood he had in the garage, stapled away and wa laa. Now I know it's not perfect but it is so what I was looking for. It works great with the wood blinds and works well with the other decor and wall color.
Plus the price was so right! $10.00 compared to $300.00. I plan on using what is left to do another valance in my dining room. Our floor plan is an open floorplan and so it will tie the two rooms together in a way.
Loved the pattern, loved the color, loved the outcome!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy "Birth"day Madison

This is Madison Palmer. She is the most precious little girl born into our family. Madisons mommy is my Dads cousins daughter. Not sure what that makes us but we sure think she is precious. Thanks to my blogging friends, I found this simple idea of Madisons initial on canvas. Fun gift to give. As you can see, miss Madison did not take her eyes off of Mommy at all. What a great Mommy too by the way. You can tell she is loving every second with this precious little girl.
P.S. Krista if you read this, see what we can make for a pretty little girls room? He he.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Double Duty

I apologize for the darkness of the picture below but thought I would show a new use for a wreath holder. I never have a good place for my purse to go. Either it's behind the door, on a coat hook, by the kitchen on the floor, on the counter. Anyways the other day as I was re arranging after stashing Christmas in the attic, I happened to put my wreath holder my Mom had given me in my bedroom. Later on I walked into the bedroom with purse in hand... and waa laa. My poor purse now has a place it belongs.
A lot of my favorite blogs this week have been providing organizing tips and don't know if this counts or not but thought I'd share!

My Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Today is trash to treasure over @ Diane's blog at I am trying to make this a weekly event but life seems to creep up on me at times. I found this precious urn at a thrift store in Omaha a couple of weeks ago. The crazing on the piece is absolutely beautiful and it matched another piece that I have had for quite some time. It sits in on our dresser and I am thinking about filling it with scarves, pearles, long necklaces and let them flow over the top. What do you think?

Christmas Stash

My parents gave me money this year for Christmas this year and here are a few pics of my purchases. I happened in to JCPenney's & got 70% off and then another 40% off of the 70% off tag. Have I lost you? I had $100 to play with and I spent $106!! My receipt showed a savings of $500.00 baby!!
I have been searching for a few apothecary jars and I found two in red. Also two silver trees for my cradenza for next year.
Loved these two reindeer and see the mercury glass candle holders? I bought a total of 5, 4 red and 1 silver as well as a package of 4 silver votive holders in mercury glass.
Also mixed in were 5 mercury glass ornaments.
One can never have enough candles and so I loaded up there as well.
Thank you Mom and Dad for a wonderful Christmas gift! Is it bad to say I'm already counting down for Christmas?
A lot of my purchases I will be able to use all year long which makes it even better!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm a lovin that Martha Stewart Glitter!

Donna over @ A Picture is worth a thousand words is having her usual trash to treasure Tuesday.I thought I would attach this for trash to treasure. I plan on trying to make this a weekly occasion. Hope you enjoy
I love turning trash into treasure and one component that makes that possible is Martha Stewart's Glitter. It is so fine and just gorgeous!!

I am the worst at taking before pictures! After I had started on this wreath, it dawned on me... Take the before picture Roxanne!! I had purchased this wreath at the Goodwill quite some time for $1.75 and then had regreted it. It had been a brown wreath, may like a twig wreath. First step was to spray paint it grey/silver and then I sprayed it heavily with Spray adhesive. Then came the glitter. I am so happy with the way it looks! And I figure I maybe used $1.25 of glitter and $1.75 for the wreath. So for a total of $3.00 I have something to fill my empty frame in my shelving unit!! Blessings

Sending a Little Love your way for Valentine's Day!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Come to The Table

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a very unexpected gift. It was from my dear friend who commented when she saw this book, she thought of me. What a compliment! The name of the book is "Come To the Table - Food, Fellowship, and a Celebration of God's Bounty"

This book is filled with beautiful pictures of gardens, beautiful decor and food.

I placed it on my recipe book holder in my kitchen.

There are also scriptures scattered among the pages as well.

Is this pic just not stunning? I want the kitchen sink!!

The table of contents starts out with : The Path of Celebration. You will find recipes for large crowds, small dinners, picnics, and lunch in a basket. You will find small morsels, special prayers and scriptures. Thank you Julie for this special gift. I think one of our dinner dates soon needs to be @ my home and I'll try out some of these delicious recipes.



Thursday, January 8, 2009

100th Post Giveaway @ Primitiques 'n Poetry

I thought I would share with you that Mindy @ Primitiques 'n Poetry is having a wonderful giveaway of a book that would be beneficial I believe to all of us. Go check her out and tell her I sent you! Her blog address is

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

At 5:45 tonight Jayden got a call from Jake saying that in 15 minutes there was going to be a hoop shoot at the community center. (Thanks for the call Jake!) So we slapped on some shorts and took off. Jayden was upset because he didn't get to practice. There were 4 in his group and he got 1st place! Which leads us to Broken Bow on Saturday for the District hoop shoot. Just what this mom wanted to do on her weekend off but that's the drill of being mom. I am so happy that he takes after his dad instead of his mom.