Saturday, January 30, 2010


Character is what makes a space your space.    Last year i picked these up at a garage sale.  They were purple but after a quick coat of paint, they will support the counter on our buffet turned island.

IMG_5892 I plan on painting/staining the island black.  We have decided to add a platform to the base of the buffet to give it some height and to have something to sit the storage baskets on. 

Here are the other character building pieces…courtesy of my mom and goodwill.  The bottom of each leg will be cut off and attached to the base of the cabinets to make the cabinets look more like furniture instead of cheap oak cabinets…stained to look like  cherry.  You get the picture.  IMG_5894

IMG_5893Have a great week… We are off to Omaha to search for more knobs for the drawers… Wish us luck.



Friday, January 29, 2010

Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…

Actually… I’m walking on new flooring that is AMAZING!!! And this is the man to thank….

IMG_5785It’s my Dad:-) Sunday afternoon after church and dinner, my dad said let's get busy... and we did!


Lance had worked and worked on the flooring on Saturday and really had some issues laying it. I think he was just flat burned out from already installing some cupboards, cutting some trip so on and so forth.

IMG_5787 I have always wanted flooring like this... and might I say my dad and I made a great pair. In fact the next day he called and told me to have the island room ready and he would be in after lunch and help me with it as well! He didn't have to tell me twice.

IMG_5796 So this is what I found under the carpet. It was hard to cover it up but I knew I couldn't get it to match the kitchen. I started cutting the laminate and had about half of it cut by the time Dad made it in. We put it down in no time.


We still have some trim to do. Stay posted for the floor reveal...coming soon.



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Compromise…gotta love it

This kitchen has taught this wife compromise.  Never before in my married life has my husband had an opinion,given advice or input on how I have decorated our home in any way whatsoever.  So what do I do when I began this kitchen remodel?  Asked his opinion.  Guess what?  He had one!! Wrong time to ask as now I am learning compromise.  Now don’t get me wrong.  In many areas of our 18 years of marriage I have compromised but not in my precious design for the home.  So what have I compromised on?

I wanted painted heirloom white cabinets with mocha glaze.

He wanted stained wood.  Guess what we have?


I wanted white bead board as backsplash and 3/4ths of the way up the wall with a chair rail.

He didn’t.  I now once again refer you to the picture above. 


BUT do you remember who said, “Hey honey let’s remodel the kitchen with my overtime funds!” ?  That would be my baby of 18 years..

   Compromise… I hope to live with it for 18 years times 8.



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pants to the ground

Okay so this post has nothing to do with “Pants to the ground, pants to the ground, looking like a fool… but I love American Idol and was so glad to see our Brett Favre sing this now famous song after his big win on Sunday. Go Vikings! We have been Viking fans for way too long and how exciting it would be to make it to the Super bowl.

Okay now back to the pics of the remodel. Last Saturday my oldest daughter had speech in Valentine and my son had basketball games in Valentine so at the break of day I headed out to run back and forth between gyms and this is what i came home to.


Partial installation of some cupboards and my dishwasher in place waiting to be hooked up. oh dear new dishwasher of mine… my new friend. Oh how i can’t wait to hook you up and no longer wash dishes in the tub.

Lance and middle daughter had spent the whole day taking taking out base cabinets and sink and setting up the new cabinets. Thanks you two. What a wonderful surprise.

Somehow i deleted the pictures of the kitchen completely gutted. i hate it when that happens…. So we are a week in and this is all we’ve accomplished..

1. old cupboards out

2. new cupboards stained and polyurethaned

3. walls and ceiling textured

4. walls and ceiling painted

5. base cabinets along west wall installed.

Stay tuned for the next installation where you’ll see a man in cowboy boots and hat installing some amazing new laminate flooring…Compelling i tell ya:)



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Island Hopping

So I have been dreaming of an island in the extended part of our kitchen redo.  After pricing the purchase of an island or the products to build an island I began to think that I had best give up my dream.  And then I was reminded of this piece of furniture in my basement.

IMG_5769 10 years ago when we moved to A-town I was helping my G-ma’s sister clean out her basement and there sat this craftsman style buffet.  it was covered in paint stains and the likes.  Margaret shared that it had been a gift from her students when she retired from teaching in Long Pine Nebraska.  The wood class had made it for her.  She said that her husband had used it as his workbench.  Yes….I said workbench people.  So soon after I received a call from M asking me if I would like Ted’s workbench and I brought it to it’s new home.  So now I’m thinking, paint it black… maybe like a black glaze or stain, add some wooden wheels, a countertop  and waa laaa…. my island.    Stay tuned and here we go….



Monday, January 18, 2010

This is staying…

As we begin our kitchen redo… I thought I would show you something that will be staying as part of our kitchen.

IMG_5775Last year for Christmas a dear friend gave this cookbook to me.  I love it. In fact if you look close, there’s smudge marks all over it.  The pictures, illustrations, recipies, and scripture in this book makes it so original. 

Come to the table … it’s a keeper….:-)



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good bye my dear friend

For the past 11 years this has been one of my best friends… yup my kitchen.  We moved into my “blue cottage” 11 years ago.  With a very small budget I did my best to make it a place my family could gather and make memories in.  Hospitality ranks high up there in my list of priorities and this room has suited its purpose well.IMG_5758   For Christmas my mother-in-law asked if we would like a new dishwasher and we said uh..yeah!!!  Our dishwasher was at the point of rinsing but not washing dishes and considering a family of 5, i was dearly missing my dishwasher.  So right before Christmas we went to Omaha and stopped into Nebraska Furniture Mart to look @ Dishwashers.. and emerged with the purchase of a  dishwasher, stove, and side-by-side fridge.  Did I mention I have a giving Mom-in-law?  We were scheduled for delivery on Jan 5th of our new appliances.  Then the week of Christmas, a blizzard hit us.  My husband ended up working many many hours of overtime (he’s a utility lineman)  and he decided we should put his ot into the kitchen and update it for the new appliances.  Who was I to disagree?IMG_5772  This is a picture of the island we made after tearing out a wall (that’s a story for another post…believe me)) .  It was made with plates from my childhood, my husbands childhood and plates we found @ auctions and the likes grouted to make a countertop .  I will miss this island and the character it gave my kitchen. Maybe I will use it somewhere else in the home, garden, etc. IMG_5770

Here’s another look at the old cupboards that have been painted and repainted as well as hinges glued and re glued.  We learned that gorilla glue was our friend.   Is it silly to be this emotional over memories we made in this kitchen? 


Curtains were courtesy of  my Mom who when we moved into our home made or purchased something for each room in our home.. Did I mention I also have an amazing Mom? 


And then there’s this precious Pizza Hut lamp my mom bought when the ph in town updated.  When hubby and i were first dating, it was under this light we shared many a dates.  So good bye my dear friend.  You will soon be given a face lift… Please tune in and see the transformation…