Sunday, May 9, 2010

Amazing Mothers Day

I am linking up with Reluctant Entertainer today to share my Mothers day.

What an amazing day it was! My kids came upstairs with these blue jars in hand and wished me a happy mothers day.

Of course my mom had something to do with the 3 jars for my 3 babies. My favorite gift from my favorite people.
I have been trying to figure out what to put on my footstool and waa laa here it is! Thanks Mom and Company!
These flowers came to my work on Thursday from my oldest daughter. She is a junior this year and her card commented on one last year together and how would she do it without her best friend...her mom. What more could a mom ask for for Mothers day?

Then the kids and I spent Saturday afternoon baking for some other special moms in our lives.

Sour cream cupcakes... my downfall.

Schylar covered small boxes with black and white scrapbook paper and put tissue paper in each box.

After we frosted the cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, we fanned a strawberry out on top and placed them in their boxes.

The kids gave them to the other moms in their lives that have impacted them, fed them, inspired them, prayed for get the point. I too decided to join in and delivered two to moms I chose to honor. One being a mom to a young man who was very impactful in my life. He passed away our second year in college and so in honor of Bryant, I honored Margarie.
Everyone appreciated them.. even a few tears were shed.
My most treasured part of my day had to be as we sat in church. I began to look around at husbands who usually do not come to church but more than likely they came for Mothers day at the request of their wives and moms. Then I looked down our row and at the end of our three children who love their Lord and Savior was a man who has taught them to love their Lord and Savior. He is there always, he is our rock, and he is there every Sunday being the spiritual leader for his family. That...was the best gift of my day...Thank you Lance. Your are our rock.
Make sure and stop by and read about special Mothers Day memories and link up as well.
Hope you all have a memorable day.