Thursday, February 26, 2009


Flaunt your Red Party
Nancy over @ having FLAUNT YOUR RED party and I decided to join in the fun.
First up is my very favorite red... my Pizza Hut lamp in my kitchen. My mom purchased this for us and the memories that it brings...priceless.

Next is my red mercury glass that I purchsed after Christmas. I have 4 of them and love love love em....

This fluer de lis I purchased at the Goodwill and it was silver with bronze over it... just wasn't doing much for me. So a quick cover with what else...spray paint and I'm a happy lady now.

Just a little splash of red mixed in with silver and black on my cradenza.

Red berries hanging from an old window frame.

My precious baby boy in his little red suit....just had to throw it in:-)

Another after Christmas buy... my apothecary jars.

And the cuties smack dab in the middle row is my precious daughter in RED:-)
Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I WON !!!!

I WON!!!
CAMI OVER @ had a countdown blogaversary give-away and I won! First of all I must say how much I love visiting her sight. Just to even look at her pic and you know she is a sweetheart. Plus the background on her blog is the same waverly pattern that I have in my house. How cool is that? So can't wait Cami and thank you so much. Pictures will follow people:-)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Apple Tarts

I thought I would share some pics of my apple tarts I made recently for a get together with some friends. I was in charge of the dessert and so I made individual apple pies.

I wished I would have plated them up for better display but you still getthe idea.

Of course the family screamed when I only made one extra. Bad Momma.:-(

I started out and cored and peeled all my apples. Then made a double batch of pie dough. Then I divided the dough into balls and rolled out individual crusts. In the middle of each apple I placed a tsp. of butter and filled them up the rest of the way with sugar and pie spices. I then cut a leaf out of the left over pie crust and topped each one with a leaf.

Lots of work but lots of fun!



Sunday, February 1, 2009

2nd Time Around

Diane over at A Picture is worth a thousand words is having a second time around party today. You can visit her @ Here is my second time around project for today. I had seen on a wedding blog not long ago how they had taken crystal bowls, platters, etc and gorilla glued them on to candle sticks. IT WORKS!!
It was probable one of my favorite projects and I love love the results.
I already had the platter, small bowl and one of the candle sticks so my total cost involved was about $6.00 for three magnificent trays.
My husband told me he loved them but didn't plan on using them to serve any of his "bunny" in but that they were cool. He has been into making bunny in different recipes.

Spreading Good Will

My oldest daughter and I made a quick trip yesterday out of town to begin the prom dress shopping. She found 4 dresses all over $300! Can this be true? OUCH!! Well we took pics, plan on looking some more and then Mom needed some goodwill therapy to take the edge off.
$23.00 later and look at all of these goodies! I found 4 gold spheres that I will more than likely paint. Two pineapple candle holders. May paint them as well. Then I found the fluer de lis box which will be painted a moss green with some antiqueing done to it. See the silver tray the spheres are on? So cute for holding candles or just about anything. Three candle holders with project to follow.

Saturday I spent the day at speech in Ord and found a small 2nd hand store where I found this old magazine rack. It has a stamp on the bottom showing it being made in Lincoln Nebraska. Pretty cool. Only $4.50 too. I'm thinking maybe a robins egg blue and then a little distressing..Any ideas?

Many Thanks!

So I won my very first blog sweepstake!! Well actually everyone that entered won but I can still say... I WON!!! And here it is!
It is the cutest coffee cozy ever.... even an R to let my husband know HANDS OFF HUBBY... IT'S MINE ALL MINE!! Jilll over @ had a give away a couple of weeks ago and this was my prize! So fun to receive a package in the mail! Thanks so much Jill!