Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beautiful Sandhills

This past weekend on the way to my sons basketball tournament, this was my view out the car window.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Second Time Around Party

Diane over @ ( a picture is worth a 1,000 words) is hosting her second time around party. I always look forward to Tuesdays for this reason.
Today I am sharing a few goodies I found at a goodwill a couple of weeks ago when I was out of town. Love this tray for serving treats on but also for decorating..
This wreath was $2 or $3 at the same goodwill.. loved the possibilities
And here are the finished products with the tray. I also found these eggs @ the goodwill. There was a large baggie filled with all kinds of Easter eggs. I am spray painting the bright colored ones white for another project soon to be revealed.
Of course most of the high schoolers/ jr. highers/ and middle schoolers tha pass by this tray throw an egg around and I have noticed I'm missing a few but I'd rather the kids than a perfect display anyday!!
And here is the wreath with eggs added. It really changed it!
Thanks for stopping in and make sure to visit Diane if you haven't already.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Attention! Attention!

Attention..Attention!! My daughter has a job! Is it normal for a mom to be this excited for a job? Actually this isn't her first job but since volleyball/speech/pom/ has been over she has been searching for a part time job and she found the perfect one!!
She's working at our little coffee/flower shop in town.
Above is a picture of the old vault as the coffee shop once operated as the towns first bank . I am so glad they left it instead of removing this historical landmark.
This is one of the old farmhouse tables that people gather around for morning coffee and for special events.
Here's the precious angel working.
The manager told me that they are very pleased with Ciara as she is a hard worker and when she's accomplished all she knows to do, she will come and ask if there's anything else she can do.
She closed on Saturday so her dad and I went down and she made us drinks. I had a cake batter blended drink with a shot of espresso... Come see me Krista and I'll treat you.. I think you might like it:-)
Here is a closer look at the bank sign that is still in tact.
Here is the old market counter with all of the old bins.
Here are the ceiling tins in both the coffee shop and the flower shop. The owner lives in Denver and makes her way back about once a month. She's an Ainsworth native and hated to see this building close and so invested her hard earned money to keep it open. She completely remodeled and did a great job with colors and showing off the architecture of the building.
Who would'nt enjoy sitting at one of these tables with a friend and enjoying a cup of joe? Notice the brick walls as well.
Thanks for stopping by..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hooked on Vintage Flower Art

Julia over @ is having a Hooked on Friday party so I thought I would share my love of old vintage flower art. They just draw me in and I wonder what wall they use to adorn and the story behind their first purchase or the artist that painted it. This first picture is in my bedroom and I paid more for it than I have ever paid for antique pictures. Can you beat peonies? I think not..

This is the beginning of a wall collage of flower art. This tray was from an old hotel that my uncle purchased about 10 years ago. I love the roses with the blend of red/pink.
This is a picture that my precious daughter saw when she was visiting her G-ma at her neighbors garage sale and knew I would love it. How wonderful to know that my children know their mom this well. I love the turquise/blue trim. Plus the fact that my daughter gave it to me. $2.00 that she spent was priceless to me.
This pictures is from a dear friend from Christmas. It is raised art and oh how I love it. If you look closely you will see a hole through the vase of the flowers. That is a blog post in and of itself people. It has something to do with a husband and his brand new bow. Ummm to be continued...
O.K. so I just realized that I keep thinking this is my favorite.. maybe I just can't pick one favorite. The colors in this picture are awesome as well. It is the centerpiece to my wall of flowers.
These three little pictures are the finishing touch to my wall. The one in the middle is the most beautiful blues purchased for .50 and the two on each side were free... yes FREE. They were in a free bin last year on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.
Here is the big picture......What do you think?
This picture is in my kitchen and the colors are perfect. Very bright and vivid.
And these are the latest addition. Yesterday when I came home from work I found these on my table. They were from my husband and attached was a note that said just because. We have been married for 17 years and I still can't believe that God loved me enough to give me someone who loves me more with time. I am truly blessed.
Thanks for sharing my hooked on flowers...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pillow Parade

Okay so Kari and Kijsa over @ are having a pillow parade today and they asked me to join....

O.k. so they really didn't ask ME they asked all of their blogging family to join them but I can pretend can't I? So after seeing all of the pretty pillows I feel pretty lame in showing my two sets of pillows. Ta da... The top picture is of our bed with my favorite waverly fabric.

My mother in law gave me these two pillows for Christmas and I love them. The fringe with glass beads is what I like the best. I have them on my bench that we use for company at my dining room table.
Make sure and stop by Kari and Kijsa's and check out theirs sight. It's a fun stop that I make daily. They have fun ideas and every Sunday they share scripture and even a song from time to time that rings dear to my heart. Every time they leave a message I feel like Oprah's stopped by.
So now I'm off on a pillow binge..wish me luck.



Re-purposed Treasures

Diane over at A Picture is Worth a 1,000 words is having "second time around Tuesday".

I have been wanting a cloche (did I say/spell that right??) and never could find one the right price. Sooo I decided to kinda make my own... if that makes sense.
A couple Saturdays ago when I went to my daughters speech tournament I found a wonderful little antique store and purchased this green vase for $10.00. I know that it can't be antique but the price was right. So I filled it with lemons, apples, and small wicker spheres from the goodwill and waaa laa.
I finished it off with and old broache I had and some leapord ribbon.
Love the texture of the vase and have had a couple people ask me if the fruit is in water.

Go visit Diane over @ to see all kinds of goodies.

Blessings, Roxanne

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gothenburg Trip

Saturday I took a trip to my daughters speech meet in Gothenburg. I love days like this that you have time to roam small towns for antique/thrift stores. And boy did I find an awesome little store.
This is the front window of the store and i could not wait to enter the front doors and check it out.
This is the owner, Elsie and her daughter. Elsie moved to Gothenburg from Arizona where she had been in the antique business for 20 some years. She had the most contagious laugh. Her store was brimming with history and stories to be told... as well as her own story.
Her prices were great as well.
I fell in love with these "stamp art" pictures. It is metal with a form of yarn/cross stitch. My favorite said rock of ages. I will be researching these pictures as they were awesome.
I did purchase a large green vase and 2 old drawers and will post later. I also found a little coffe shop and tried a new drink... java mocha chip... mmmm !!!
So if you are ever driving by Gothenburg Nebraska via backroads or I-80, stop in and say hi to Elsie. Tell her Roxanne sent ya!!