Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few Christmas decorations

just a few decorations.. This is outside on our deck. My soon to be sister-in-law ( I have waited forever to say that!) made the snowballs. They make the pitcher and tray.

Bought this silver bowl for $1 at the thrift store. Looks cute by my sweet Ciara's picture.
This is the christmas tree made out of styrafoam mold and buttons. Bought the mold @ the thrift store for .05 and the jar of buttons for $3.00. Used about half of the buttons. The birds are also from the thrift store. They look cute together, don't you think?

This is an old muffin tin with antique ornaments. So simple and cute!

This pic didn't turn out very well but here are the wreaths hanging from the chairs. It turned out great!
Happy thanksgiving....

trip to the thrifties...

Last Saturday I took a trip 20 minutes down the road to my favorite thrift store and I also found a new hardware/antique/junkue (junkue looks so much more sophisticated that junk-don't you think?) store that I love love love. I am already dreaming of my next trip back. Everything I purchased at the hardware store was wrapped in old dress patterns. How cool is that? O.K... please tell me I'm not the only one who could get excited by that?

I was so excited to see these wreaths on a hook I couldn't reach... so I asked for some help. I thought they would be perfect on the back of my dining room table chairs... They were marked $10 a piece which I am sure they were worth as old as they were and as good of shape as they were in... Sooo I asked if that was her bottom dollar and she gave them to me for $2.00 a piece... yeah baby!!! They are so adorable!!! I am a total nut when it comes to antique christmas ornaments. Some of these will adorn a tree I painted white and some will be made into a wreath I have been dreaming about.

Buttons to make a christmas tree that one of my dear favorite blogs I follow made... and more ornaments for that wreath.This all came from the thrift store for pennies... :-)

This will be made into a table that I saw on a blog.....

I bought a chandelier that I plan to glue these cups and saucers to and use as votive holders... Pictures will follow....Blessing/Roxanne

Friday, November 21, 2008

O.K., so I have decided to start a second blog to blog my home projects. My brother isn't interested in the decor.. but the family he is soooo why not seperate them? So here goes Beverly Sandhills. I love the name!!! My DH came up with the name. I really enjoy turning trash to treasure. Someday there will be a store in the Sandhills with this name on the front and inside you will find me! I've always dreamed of my own store of turning trash to treasure. My Mom is to thank/blame for this gift/curse. On my first blog I quoted my Mom in a saying I remember her sharing with me. It's not what you don't have but what you do have and do with it. I have lived my life by this and thank her for teaching me to always think outside the box and to always know if a certain piece for the house isn't the color you want, there's always paint... and to know there are always more than one use for everything! Blessings everyone