Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where's the 8 ball?

Another junk jaunt goodie. The old tool box and pool balls.
They're sittin in front of my mantle looking all adorable.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Auction Treasures

My dear Mom in Law invited me to an auction in her town this past Saturday. Between fulfilling our job as booster vp/concession stand on Friday night and getting laundry (well just life in general) caught up, I didn't make it over until about 1:00. She had already purchased a box of antique Christmas ornaments for me! Yay Mom in Law!! Truly sometimes I think there's someting wrong with me with my love of Christmas and making my home Christmassy. But then I heard my hubby on Saturday comment how he couldn't wait to see the house oozing Christmas so I guess if I am blessed to have a hubby that loves it, I will continue to put up my numerous trees and cover the mantle, the window seals, the table, the... well you get it and I will love every minute of it.
Okay, back to the real purpose for this post. (yes I was blond until I had three kids and poof- it was brown:-)) I had to leave by 2:30 to drive on another hour and a half to volleyball games. I didn't even get to bid on one thing. My pretty bid card #152 went to waste and my arm was so sad not have have been exercised @ all! Yeah yeah, play me the little violin. BUT I had a message on my cell ph one when I once again had cell service from my Mom-in-law telling me to stop by on my way through. And here are the beauts that I now own!
I have a fetish with vintage flower pictures and am about to start covering my hallway walls with all of them. Each piece of art that I have acquired has a story and I will have to do a post on my lovelies.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

More 2009 Nebraska Junk Jaunt

Most of these pics are from the town of Cairo Nebraska. This town was loaded with vendors, visitors and a feeling in the air of pure enjoyment. Love this robins egg blue food mart sign. I would love to have taken it home for my backyard fence.

This is just a look at a corner of the main street of Cairo. Fun benches, more robins egg blue furniture.

A "cowboy coffee pot" as my husband calls them. Lance has one of these in his garage and makes coffee in an old sock in his enamelware. My son and his friends go crazy when the pot goes on the wood stove and starts to percolate.

Just a few watering cans;-)

Another cowboy coffee pot.

linens galore

See the amazing needle point? I have one @ home that I am deciding how and what to do with it.

Old trunk with beautiful aged stenciling.

The greenery on this antique building is amazing!

Last year this is the piece that Mom and i searched for for Moms garden. We found one in Ord for the perfect price. It's now "planted" in her garden and looks amazing. I'll post a pic soon.

Fun old stools.

My Mom-in-law loves antique yard sticks... so took a pic for her.

Then when you were ready to check out, this antique cash register checked you out. Yes it was for sale as well.

These vendors lined both sides of the railroad tracks in Cairo.

Hope I haven't bored you with more pics of junkin. It is absolutely a trip I am already planning for next year. Precious memories.



Sometimes it's the people you meet that makes the Jaunt great!

This handsome fella and his hat were too good of a photo op to pass up! My Dr. Seuss had been purchased for my son on Husker game days and so when I found someone else enjoying the jaunt as much as we were, we just had to stop.

These junk jaunters were having a blast.
On their trailer they had the name of each jj'er and each all of their purchases under their names. LOVE IT!!

This is my someday sister in law and her amazing family with Mom. We meet up every year on the jaunt. Usually it's for chi tea @ Kay's kitchen but this year it was just a quick hug, see each others treasures, and then back on the road. They always make the jaunt even more "special". Luv ya Mindy:-) and can't wait to see the chair and the fabric pumpkins.
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More Nebraska Junk Jaunt Goodness

Sorry it's taken so long to post more Junk Jaunt pics. Life has a way of becoming busy. so here are some pics from Berwyn. We pulled into this little town about 8:30 and they were wanting to close but still got a couple pics of the goodness in this old downtown store.
The gentleman said that he worked for an auctioneer out of Broken Bow and that is how he had filled this stop. Anything you wanted he had. Prices were a little high but fun to look around at.
Love this pic of the lineup of high chairs.
This table was amazing! We are talking rows and rows people! So much fun...too little time.
Old church pews...
Old hat boxes. If I would have had more room, these babies would have been in the truck.