Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Fall Y'all!

 Debra over @ Common Ground is having a blog party and I thought I would share my painted pumpkins with you.

I started out by painting my pumpkins in copper, turquoise, and white.  

Then I used some glaze to add character to these precious babies.  

And what's a pumpkin grouping without a little glitter so I added some glitter to a few of the pumpkins and they sit on my island to add a little fall like atmosphere.  
Thanks for stopping by.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bedroom Reveal

I am so excited to finally share with y'all our bedroom redo
 We have been wanting a new look for a long time but didn't think we could afford it.  I decided to see what I could accomplish with a next to nothing budget and am so glad I did. This picture shows the room as you walk in.  There is a small hallway right when you enter it.  So on the right side of the pic you can see I made an accent wall.  I used my cricket & cut out numbers in all different sizes and fonts.  I also then searched for numbers every time I went to the thrift store.  The kind you would use for the outside of your house.  I will post later in more depth later with more pictures of the number wall.  I was very happy with how it turned out.
I have always loved yellow. So as I started searching for inspiration for the room, I noticed all of the yellow and gray rooms and knew that was the direction to head. 
 In August I posted about the headboard that we found and created out of an old barn door.  I am so in love with the statement that it  made.  It was the perfect backdrop for the yellow, gray, and splash of turquoise.
Here is a close up of the statement wall.  The shelves were made from recycled wood.  The blue mason jars were a gift from my mom on Mothers day.  We have three amazing kids and so she numbered three jars with one single flower in each.  Love em...what more can I say.  The two mirrors were picked up at different thrift stores for a buck and the crowns were from Hob Lob painted the colors we chose.
The silver vase was in a give away box on the junk jaunt and the other two bottles I picked up at garage sales for a buck or two.
This is my hubbies dresser.  I purchased it at an auction many years ago.  I pulled out my favorite rust-oleum yellow spray paint and gave it a new look.
These silver boxes were other purchases that worked well on the hubbies dresser.  I used a burlap runner that was left over from my brothers wedding.  It added a little more texture into the room as well as covering up the imperfections of the $15 dresser.
My hubby always throws his change on his dresser and after 20 years of marriage I have decided there are just some battles I'm not gonna win.  Considering he's such an amazing father & such, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. So these silver trays catch his spare change and my jewelry from time to  time.  Again, these were thrift store purchases.
The mirror propped up on the dresser was a garage sale find.  The original finish was gold so I used a little silver paint to make it work with the room. 
This wall is right across from the bed.  I had been saving frames for some time and so the amazing rust-oleum silver spray paint brought them all together.  The two wreathes were probably the most expensive part of the bedroom redo.  I purchased them at Michaels' when I was out of town.  They were two for one in the Martha Stewart line.  I love em. The mirror that is in a different finish is a mirror made in Mexico from pop cans with a stamped art.  My mom found it on the junk jaunt this year for only $5.00.  The back of the mirror is covered in newspaper clippings in spanish.  I love it almost as much as the front. 

The piece of furniture that holds our t.v. was rescued from an old house that our local fire dept. was burning down.  My hubby came home with it in the back of his truck early on in our marriage.  See why I forgive him for the change being thrown on the dresser?  I added the fabric panels to tie in the bedroom bedskirt.   
The top is a piece I purchased for a dollar at an amazing garage sale and the husband attached it for me.  It took a plain jane dresser and made it amazing.
 Our closet had no door on it  when we purchased the home and so I have just always had a curtain hanging over the entrance.  I knew I needed to do something different and that's when I remembered the door that we took off of our old garage when we first purchased the home.  So with a coat of yellow paint and some fabric stapled on the back, we have a new door to our closet. 
As a child my grandma always had statues like these and when I found them on a thrifting outing, I had to have them for the memories.  Once again thank you rust-oleum for giving them a new look.  Total cost... $2.00.  The hubbies side table has a story all of its own.  It comes from a country church and was the pastors pulpit.  For the longest time it was on my side of the bed.  I always bragged that the Lord was on "my side" but now it belongs to the hubster.  Not good.
Most of my pillows have been purchased from Target on sale.  It took over a year of  collecting to have the look that I wanted.  The comforter is also from Target.  I love the crisp clean white as well as the texture.  I believe it is from the Rachel Ashwell collection.
The floral arrangement was purchased with a gift certificate from my girls for my birthday.  The old urn was a goodwill find from a couple of years ago.
Here you can see my side of the bed.  I saw painted antlers at Z Gallery some time ago and knew I wanted to do something like that in the room.  Now getting my husband to allow me to paint some of his shed antlers would have been next to impossible. So I waited until he was gone and quickly began painting.  Bad thing happened...he came home early.  I don't think he was too upset where they weren't from a deer he had killed.  He said as soon as he saw me I had that look that the girls' always had when they were in trouble.  He said he had no idea what he was walking into. 
For my daughters graduation, my m-i-l gave me a couple of shoe boxes filled with these old bottles.  We used them as center pieces for her celebration.  I decided to use them to display some of my favorite pieces of vintage and every day jewelry.  Nate Berkus is always telling us to display things that mean something to us and so here you go Nate.

This little yellow stool and fan are by the bed.  the fan is another treasure my husband brought home for his wife. 
The side table on my side of the bed is an old sewing machine cabinet.  I purchased this for $4.00 at a garage sale.  I primed the piece with gray and planned on painting it with rust-oleum gray only to find that my husband had used it all.  I started working with a clear glaze and it took some of the prime paint off and I kinda liked the look.  Sometimes our mistakes end up being our favorite pieces.  Thanks husband.
Thanks so much for going along for the tour.  We are very happy with the results.  
When our first daughter was small, she hated to ride in her car seat for long periods of time.  We lived 30 minutes from a grocery store and the likes so to keep her happy I would sing "You are my sunshine".  It was the only thing that would keep her content.  When I look at this room, I am reminded of that song.  I love the greys and the yellows so much.  So this room has been named the "You Are My Sunshine" room.  
I am linking up to blog furniture party.  

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Junk Jaunt Treasure

In September, Nebraska hosts an even known as the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.  It is our own little miles and miles of Garage Sales.  It has been going on now for about 6 years and my mom and I have yet to miss a year.  One of the treasures I brought home was this fun bamboo stool. 

The stool was structurally sound and oozing potential.  Ever since we put the island in our kitchen, we are always in need of more seating. 
I have been noticing that the color orange is making it’s way into d├ęcor and I have been wanting to add a little into our house so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.  Rust-oleum ultra cover is my absolute favorite spray paint.  The coverage in this product is amazing! 
Here is the stool with one coat…yes I said one coat.
After the orange was dry, I painted on a liberal coat of of glaze and began working it into the cracks and crevices the bamboo.
I so love the way it turned out.
I plan on adding to the whimsical look & keeping my eye out for other random stools to recreate.  My total cost with paint and purchase was $10.59.