Friday, April 10, 2009

"A Heart Decorated for Easter"

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and it is my prayer that we all really reflect on this season/day. Through blogland I have met a very dear lady and her post today really moved me. She had told me a couple of days ago that she would be posting her "story" today and I have waited patiently to hear it. So if you don't follow Laura's blog, you can find her story @

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Today is Outdoor Wednesday over @ and so I thought I would share with you my moms potting shed.

My parents live in one of the most beautiful peaceful places in the world. When life becomes "full" I ache to run away to this place. Of course it is where I grew up and my childhood was the greatest so why would it not be where I would choose to retrieve to?

My husband found this garage while working one day and the owner told him he could have it. So my husband and dad decided to turn it into a cabin. They moved it 50 miles and then we (we would actually be my parents:')) were lucky enough to purchase some land that had our old country school that had been turned into a cabin so moms dream of a potting shed came true.( You can read more about the cabin/country school at
She is an awesome gardener and I will share more pics with you in time. She even has a little "setting room" inside as well.
Thanks for stopping by.
P.S. Thanks mom for letting me share your garden:-))

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doors To Adore

Kari and Kijsa over @ are having another party! I really don't think that I qualify for "Doors to Adore" but I sure have an interesting door to share. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel. This is the door leading into our bathroom. I found this half moon a couple of years ago on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt and have been waiting to find the perfect place for it. Well... Here it is. Please smile and now I return to your regular scheduled program of "Adorable Doors".

Monday, April 6, 2009

Trash to Treasure

You know that I have serious issues when I wake up Tuesday mornings and the first thing that pops in my mind is that it's "Trash to Treasure Day". But that's me.. always has been...always will be. I can't tell you how happy I was to find out I wasn't alone in this illness.

This past September while on the Nebraska Junk Jaunt I had the privilege of running into Margo from Margo's Junk Journal. My mom and I walked out of a garage sale and there was Margo taking pictures of the back of our pickup. (It was on the ridiculous side people. We were over flowing with treasures.) We struck up a conversation, she introduced herself and it was Margo that introduced me to the world of blogging. Oh Margo I thank you so much. Needless to say I spent the next half hour calling friends telling them that I had just met a "Professional Junk Guru" .
All that said, here is my trash to treasure.

This is a display that is all made or from Goodwills and local thrift stores.

The tall pedestal bowl was made from a candle holder and wooden bowl.

This of course is an old light cover. $1 baby!!

Before pictures are suppose to come first.. oops. Again thanks for stopping by and head on over to Diane at A Picture is worth a Thousand words @ and also Kjisa and and Kari have a link as well. Visit them over @ plus make your way over to to see a post with the same theory as the above.



The Butter Factory

During the Nebraska Junk Jaunt my mom and I had found this antique store in Burwell Nebraska. Last month when I was in Burwell for my sons basketball games, I took a couple of friends and we went exploring. It was of course the old butter factory but now has been turned into a wonderful antique store. They have one of the largest selections of vintage Ethan Allen furnitur in the United States. While I was there a couple from Oregon showed up for two chairs to finish their collection. We didn't get to go to the furniture store as it was closed for the day. So sit and take a tour with me and if you decide to come our way, let me know and we'll have lunch! Blessings

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sneak Peak

Thought I would give you a sneak peak of what we have been up to for the past month and a half. Now I am waiting for the fabric..etc. to finish up. There is still painting to be done, trimming and so on and so forth.
Our main bathroom somehow developed a leak under the shower about two months ago and so we had no choice but to do some serious rip up and rip out and redo.
My husband is one of those guys that when he puts his mind to it he can do it.
We will share the before and afters soon my friends.. very soon.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My First Blog Award

Beca over @ has given me my very first blog award. I found Beca soon after I started blogging and loved the fact that she too ended each post with "Blessings" as I do. Thank you Beca for this award and I will do my best to follow the criteria for this award.

First and foremost I have to share 10 honest and interesting things about myself. So here goes...

1. I have to be honest... this is going to be hard... 10 interesting things about me....
2. I am a justice of the peace in a small county in Nebraska.
3. My home is small but big in love.
4. My Mom always told me "It's not what you don't have.. but what you do have and do with it" and I have always lived my life with this motto in mind.
5. I too was saved by grace and am blessed to be married to an awesome man of God.
6. I drive a red Chevy Suburban and am happiest when it's filled with kids on our way to a basketball/baseball/football/volleyball game.
7. I live 2 1/2 hours away from a Walmart.. Yes people I said 2 1/2 HOURS....
8. My kitchen always has at least one dirty dish in the sink... I hate doing dishes.
9. I love turning trash to treasure but it you have visited this blog you already know that.
10. My ultimate goal in life is to raise 3 Godly children.
Well that didn't hurt too bad. Not that it was interesting but it sure made me put my thinking cap on. Now comes the fun part..passing the award on to some of my favorite people. There is a part of me ( a big part of me to be honest) that doesn't feel "good" enough for this part b/c these people so know what they are doing where I do not. But I do want to thank those that have given me great ideas, encouragement and positive vibes... so here goes.

1. Bec4 @ (This is one of the first blogs I visited.. and it was a great first blog to visit. She is so creative as well as well as being of "lover of Jesus.)
2. Girly Stuff @ (Just visit her site and you will see why I like this gal. She just finished the most awesome kitchen island eva.)
3. Jeana @ (Her pictures are amazing)
4. Candy @ ( Who could pass up a junk "sophisticate"?)
5. Risa @ (The first other "Nebraskan" I found or I guess she found me out in blogland. )
6. Melanie @ ( I just flat out like this gal.)
7. Melissa @ (This is an amazing "military wife" who truly know what hospitality is all about)
8. Chris @ ( An awesome teacher who I really wish would find me some locker baskets:-))

Thanks again Becca for this award and I graciously accept and hope those I nominated will as well.