Wednesday, August 24, 2011


When I began blogging, one of the first destinations I came to was Beth's blog, Homes Stories A2Z. I was smitten with her "Inspiration file" as well as her "Project Gallery". She is an amazing writer and inspiration to so many of us learning to make a house "Our Home".
So last night when I sat down to unwind and take a peek at some of my favorite places, I was surprised to see my blog featured in a posting under Beth's "Inspiration Files". She is in the process of a redo in her master bedroom and ran across my posting on our barndoor headboard. What an honor. So if you haven't already, stop by and take a look around. You'll be there all night.
Oh...and as far as "unwinding" last night...I didn't. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How To Re.Do. Vintage Velvet "Art"

You know the "art" I'm talking about. I believe it was big in the 70's?
People would paint on black velvet.. It was quite unique and I am sure in it's day...awesome.
So when I came home from city wide garage sales a couple of weeks ago, you can imagine my husbands surprise that I had purchased a piece of this 70's velvet art. However the frame was solid wood that had been carved to accentuate the picture. So I decided to use this "art" to create my own framed fabric to add to our bedroom re-do that is still in progress. ..Still.....
The first thing I did was take the velvet off of the inside frame and cover it with the same fabric that I used for my bedroom bedskirt. The frame was quickly painted with Krylons beautiful turquoise, robins egg blue color.

Then I pulled my Fiddes and Sons wax that I purchased after reading up on it on "Miss Mustard Seeds" blog. I am really enjoying the ease of us of this wax as well as the price.
Working the wax in the crevaces of the frame aged it just right and allowed it that you could see the carvings on the frame better.
Then I popped in the framed fabric. Fabric is such an inexpensive way to add some color to your walls as well as tie in the fabric already used in the room.
And instant art for my bedroom re-do on a budget.

I am very happy with the contrasts of colors.
Oh and did I cost of the project....$1.00.
I am linking up today to The Lettered Cottage How To's Day.

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