Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Post # 3

 The kitchen and dining room are ready for family, friends, classmates, and neighbors to join us for celebrating Jesus' birth.
Our dining room table is 120 inches long which makes room for many.  My M-i-l purchased the table for us for all of our Sunday dinners that we host.  I had found this lime green tablecloth at a store in my daughters college town.  I love the color but of course it wasn't long enough for our table.  So I layered it with our table cloth that my mom had gifted me three or four Christmases ago and also a burlap runner from my brothers summer wedding.  More vintage ornaments are positioned in crystal candle holders and fill up the space nicely.  Kinda makes me smile.

 Three pitchers are waiting for use on the buffet as well as Christmas plates. 
 In the center of our island is the silver tree that holds Christmas mugs was a gift this year from a dear friend.  It is for holding pictures and cards but thinking outside the box gave me the mug tree I have been searching for.

 The precious red feather trees were from my s-i-l as a gift after Christmas from Target.
 This tree was at the request of my son.  He asked if we could do a tree with all of the deer sheds and pheasant feathers.  The perfect match seemed to be a little burlap but in strips as garland and placed in an old tin tub gifted to me by my m-i-l. 

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