Monday, October 5, 2009

More Nebraska Junk Jaunt Goodness

Sorry it's taken so long to post more Junk Jaunt pics. Life has a way of becoming busy. so here are some pics from Berwyn. We pulled into this little town about 8:30 and they were wanting to close but still got a couple pics of the goodness in this old downtown store.
The gentleman said that he worked for an auctioneer out of Broken Bow and that is how he had filled this stop. Anything you wanted he had. Prices were a little high but fun to look around at.
Love this pic of the lineup of high chairs.
This table was amazing! We are talking rows and rows people! So much fun...too little time.
Old church pews...
Old hat boxes. If I would have had more room, these babies would have been in the truck.

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Anonymous said...

What great old stuff! I could search for a treasure there for days! LOL Seriously.