Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Auction Treasures

My dear Mom in Law invited me to an auction in her town this past Saturday. Between fulfilling our job as booster vp/concession stand on Friday night and getting laundry (well just life in general) caught up, I didn't make it over until about 1:00. She had already purchased a box of antique Christmas ornaments for me! Yay Mom in Law!! Truly sometimes I think there's someting wrong with me with my love of Christmas and making my home Christmassy. But then I heard my hubby on Saturday comment how he couldn't wait to see the house oozing Christmas so I guess if I am blessed to have a hubby that loves it, I will continue to put up my numerous trees and cover the mantle, the window seals, the table, the... well you get it and I will love every minute of it.
Okay, back to the real purpose for this post. (yes I was blond until I had three kids and poof- it was brown:-)) I had to leave by 2:30 to drive on another hour and a half to volleyball games. I didn't even get to bid on one thing. My pretty bid card #152 went to waste and my arm was so sad not have have been exercised @ all! Yeah yeah, play me the little violin. BUT I had a message on my cell ph one when I once again had cell service from my Mom-in-law telling me to stop by on my way through. And here are the beauts that I now own!
I have a fetish with vintage flower pictures and am about to start covering my hallway walls with all of them. Each piece of art that I have acquired has a story and I will have to do a post on my lovelies.
Thanks for stopping by.

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