Monday, October 5, 2009

More 2009 Nebraska Junk Jaunt

Most of these pics are from the town of Cairo Nebraska. This town was loaded with vendors, visitors and a feeling in the air of pure enjoyment. Love this robins egg blue food mart sign. I would love to have taken it home for my backyard fence.

This is just a look at a corner of the main street of Cairo. Fun benches, more robins egg blue furniture.

A "cowboy coffee pot" as my husband calls them. Lance has one of these in his garage and makes coffee in an old sock in his enamelware. My son and his friends go crazy when the pot goes on the wood stove and starts to percolate.

Just a few watering cans;-)

Another cowboy coffee pot.

linens galore

See the amazing needle point? I have one @ home that I am deciding how and what to do with it.

Old trunk with beautiful aged stenciling.

The greenery on this antique building is amazing!

Last year this is the piece that Mom and i searched for for Moms garden. We found one in Ord for the perfect price. It's now "planted" in her garden and looks amazing. I'll post a pic soon.

Fun old stools.

My Mom-in-law loves antique yard sticks... so took a pic for her.

Then when you were ready to check out, this antique cash register checked you out. Yes it was for sale as well.

These vendors lined both sides of the railroad tracks in Cairo.

Hope I haven't bored you with more pics of junkin. It is absolutely a trip I am already planning for next year. Precious memories.



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