Friday, June 24, 2011

Pom Poms

What an amazing graduation celebration we had with friends and family for our Ciara. With a total of 230 plus people passing through our doors, 400 cupcakes, 20 some pom poms, 350 home made croissant sandwiches filled with smoked brisket and blt chicken salad our Saturday was perfect.. Our budget was more focused on good food than decorations. With that being said my mom always told me growing up that when it comes to decorating, It's not what you don't have, but what you do have and do with it that counts. I firmly believe that statement and my oh my did we have fun decorating on a budget.

We had everything backyard ready for the celebration but the day turned out to be rainy and cold. So after throwing a little fit, we decided to still stay at our home and open up the two rooms I had not cleaned for graduation.. the sun room and garage. My garage is used for my trash to treasure shed so you can imagine what we were working with. We borrowed a friends chimanea (sp?) and put it in the sun room. It kept the chill off and was fun to hear the rain coming down.

So all of our pom poms that were meant to be hung in the back yard now were placed wherever we could find a place to put them.My amazing sister in law went to work decorating with what was meant to be in the back yard. Wow did she do an amazing job!
My brothers wedding was this past August. Mindy had used burlap as runners down each table. So we repurposed all of the runners and it added a little sumthin sumthin to the lovely green and black graduation colors. My m-i-l had a bunch of old antique bottles that we decorated for centerpieces. I will post about those soon.

Mindy used some more burlap and a star that was meant for the back yard and spiffed up my old dresser in sun room. We had used small tarts to house mints for the guests as well.
Thanks again Mindy for all of your help. How blessed I am having you as my sister.

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