Monday, May 16, 2011

SHE/we Did It!

Our first baby graduated yesterday. We are so very blessed by our Ciara! We are so proud. We are sad and happy all at the same time.

She is off to Concordia University in Seward Nebraska to major in Music Education. Her graduation celebration was amazing!
Will share pics soon...
the candy bar was a hit!

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...more today than yesterday... said...

SO SO SO excited we got to come share in some of the celebrating!! You're title says it all - Ciara did it, but not without the guidance, prayers, and examples of Mom, Dad, Papa, Grandma, Uncles, etc... It took the influence of all of you to make her the amazing, God-fearing woman she is today. She was a willing student as she soaked up the knowledge you all provided her with. I'm so proud that her 'words of advice' were to be who God made you to be. So true. If you fight it, life will be even more difficult than if you let Him hold your hand as He guides you into becoming who He made you to be and doing His will through you! Your house was decorated just amazing- absolutely perfect! You have the best ideas & execution!So creative. So special. So personal. So wonderful. And of course, the food was amazing. Can't wait to spend time with two of the most special girls in your life in another couple weeks!!! =)