Monday, March 16, 2009

Attention! Attention!

Attention..Attention!! My daughter has a job! Is it normal for a mom to be this excited for a job? Actually this isn't her first job but since volleyball/speech/pom/ has been over she has been searching for a part time job and she found the perfect one!!
She's working at our little coffee/flower shop in town.
Above is a picture of the old vault as the coffee shop once operated as the towns first bank . I am so glad they left it instead of removing this historical landmark.
This is one of the old farmhouse tables that people gather around for morning coffee and for special events.
Here's the precious angel working.
The manager told me that they are very pleased with Ciara as she is a hard worker and when she's accomplished all she knows to do, she will come and ask if there's anything else she can do.
She closed on Saturday so her dad and I went down and she made us drinks. I had a cake batter blended drink with a shot of espresso... Come see me Krista and I'll treat you.. I think you might like it:-)
Here is a closer look at the bank sign that is still in tact.
Here is the old market counter with all of the old bins.
Here are the ceiling tins in both the coffee shop and the flower shop. The owner lives in Denver and makes her way back about once a month. She's an Ainsworth native and hated to see this building close and so invested her hard earned money to keep it open. She completely remodeled and did a great job with colors and showing off the architecture of the building.
Who would'nt enjoy sitting at one of these tables with a friend and enjoying a cup of joe? Notice the brick walls as well.
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bec4 said...

That is exciting. My teen just got a job too-very limited hours since track is starting, but still he is looking forward to a little extra cash!

...more today than yesterday... said...

My mouth is watering thinking about the deliciousness! What a cute little place! We'll have to plan a trip up there and check it out... Love, Krista

Susie Q said...

What a great conversion. We have an old (VERY OLD) bank here in town that has been turned into a tiny bar...the vault is now the bathrooms :D I'd rather have a coffee place