Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frugal Window Treatment

Our living room has been in need of a new window treatment for quite some time. For some reason this window has caused me much grief as I have purchased different valances, drapes, etc. and have never been happy. My last attempt was with a dark velvet, dark chocolate lace with another layer mixed in. Well $300.00 later I still was not happy. Hence my final attempt.

As I was sitting looking at my window I remembered a quilt I had purchased on e-bay for $9.99 in hopes to make it in to a table cloth. Soo I pulled out the quilt, had the hubby cut a piece of wood he had in the garage, stapled away and wa laa. Now I know it's not perfect but it is so what I was looking for. It works great with the wood blinds and works well with the other decor and wall color.
Plus the price was so right! $10.00 compared to $300.00. I plan on using what is left to do another valance in my dining room. Our floor plan is an open floorplan and so it will tie the two rooms together in a way.
Loved the pattern, loved the color, loved the outcome!!

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Candy Allen said...

Great bargain for a great look! Funny thing is I have an almost identical bedspread as the one you used. I love it.