Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Stash

My parents gave me money this year for Christmas this year and here are a few pics of my purchases. I happened in to JCPenney's & got 70% off and then another 40% off of the 70% off tag. Have I lost you? I had $100 to play with and I spent $106!! My receipt showed a savings of $500.00 baby!!
I have been searching for a few apothecary jars and I found two in red. Also two silver trees for my cradenza for next year.
Loved these two reindeer and see the mercury glass candle holders? I bought a total of 5, 4 red and 1 silver as well as a package of 4 silver votive holders in mercury glass.
Also mixed in were 5 mercury glass ornaments.
One can never have enough candles and so I loaded up there as well.
Thank you Mom and Dad for a wonderful Christmas gift! Is it bad to say I'm already counting down for Christmas?
A lot of my purchases I will be able to use all year long which makes it even better!


foxxy said...

Now that's my kind of shopping. I love all your stuff especially those vintage suitcases in the back. Although I don't think those came from JCPenney.

Candy Allen said...

Bargain shopping at its best! I love it all.
Take care,

bec4 said...

What some great bargains. Won't you have fun opening those boxes next Christmas season!

...more today than yesterday... said...

Way to go!! ...and that's why I miss cities - after Christmas sales. Although, we did a decent job of cleaning Ainsworth out on the 26th (75% off). I cannot wait to use all my new decorations next year and "Roxi-fy" my house! You are my inspiration...

Jeana said...

What great finds! Those apothecary jars are gorgeous. It is always fun to open the Christmas decor boxes and enjoy the new stuff.