Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Granny’s Cranberries

Sometimes the best recipes are shared as we share great fellowship with friends and family.  Last November I was blessed to have traveled with the teens of our church to a Dare 2 Share event in Denver Colorado.  Being the great driver that I am (NOT) I begged and pleaded for our Pastors wife to drive the burban for me and Amber much abliged.   In one of our many conversations we landed on the topic of Thanksgiving and our family favorite recipes.  Amber shared this recipe with me and it will forever be a staple for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. 
Granny's Cranberries
4 Cups fresh cranberries
2 Cups sugar
1/3 Cup Brandy or Blackberry Brandy
combine in 8X8 dish and cover and bake @ 350 for 1 hour
As the cranberries are cooling, do not remove the tin foil.  I think this is part of the magic as these cranberries are so juicy. 
family 1158a
This my friends is the finishing touch to the  Thanksgiving meal.  I have never been a big cranberry fan but I am now.  Thanks Amber:)

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