Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Gift of Giving

When my girls were little, a teenager from our church would have them over @ Christmas time and they would make Christmas cookies together. My girls loved and admired Mackenzie and this Mom was thankful to have someone like Mackenzie as a role model to her girls.

So this year it was our turn to start the same ritual. We gathered five little anticipating angels and five amazing teens for an evening of cookie and candy wonderland!

The evening began with pizza ,salad and of course....VEGGIE TALES!!. People run out and purchase this years Christmas Veggie Tales . You will not be dissapointed. They base the whole theme around the spirit of giving. First and foremost the kids were excited to be eating in the living room and then to watch Veggie Tales with teenagers. What more could you ask for?? I think Katie and I laughed more than any of the kids though.

Then the creativity began

Katie decorated sugar cookies with Brea. Ciara and Madison whipped up some amazing mini cupcakes with amazing sprinkles.

Haley, Libby, and Emma dipped pretzels and then swapped out for some white chocolate dipped truffles.

Kyndall (sp?), Schylar and Allison made oreo truffles. Now people if you know Kyndall, you would understand why there are three teens helping Kyndall. (Just kidding Laurie:-))

As we decorated, we talked a little about giving and telling others you love them.

When the cookies were done, we packaged up our treats into little boxes.

Then each angel chose someone in their lives that they wanted to give their boxes of goodness to. It was fun to listen to who they were going to share their treats with.

And here you have it folks, the end result. They enjoyed themselves so much and relationships were bonded and mentors gained. If you're reading this blog, thanks Mackenzie for being such an amazing role model for my girls! It was wonderful to see you at Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas to you all and let's keep the gift of giving alive!