Friday, April 10, 2009

"A Heart Decorated for Easter"

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and it is my prayer that we all really reflect on this season/day. Through blogland I have met a very dear lady and her post today really moved me. She had told me a couple of days ago that she would be posting her "story" today and I have waited patiently to hear it. So if you don't follow Laura's blog, you can find her story @


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Thank you Roxanne. May we each be a blessing for someone today.

In our home we use "Resurrection Eggs" to provide the true meaning of Easter to our kids. You can google the term. You can buy the eggs at most bible shops or there are plenty of directions on how to make your own. You can find a link in my post archives for last Easter as I made mine.

Karen said...

Hi Roxanne! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Have we "met" before? Do you remember how you found me? I love having new commenters. I am visiting my family this weekend but I am looking forward to exploring your blog more. It looks like we have some definite similar tastes. Happy Easter. Kelly

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Hi Roxanne,
Happy Easter to you and your family.....and thank you for your sweet comment....I loved your Easter picture....
Mo :-)