Sunday, February 1, 2009

Spreading Good Will

My oldest daughter and I made a quick trip yesterday out of town to begin the prom dress shopping. She found 4 dresses all over $300! Can this be true? OUCH!! Well we took pics, plan on looking some more and then Mom needed some goodwill therapy to take the edge off.
$23.00 later and look at all of these goodies! I found 4 gold spheres that I will more than likely paint. Two pineapple candle holders. May paint them as well. Then I found the fluer de lis box which will be painted a moss green with some antiqueing done to it. See the silver tray the spheres are on? So cute for holding candles or just about anything. Three candle holders with project to follow.

Saturday I spent the day at speech in Ord and found a small 2nd hand store where I found this old magazine rack. It has a stamp on the bottom showing it being made in Lincoln Nebraska. Pretty cool. Only $4.50 too. I'm thinking maybe a robins egg blue and then a little distressing..Any ideas?


Jeana said...

My daughter needed a dress for last weekend's Winter Formal so I asked around to family and friends and ended up buying a dress for $30 from one of them. Only worn once and darling. My daughter altered it herself and loved it! After paying $150 for homecoming already this year I really loved it.

bec4 said...

I love this magazine rack--robin's egg blue would be wonderful for it. Good find!

miss gracies house said...

Fun projects but OUCH on the prom dress!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

You found some really good things! I love Goodwill and go at least once a week. I want that fleur box!! :-)


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What sweet comments you left me Roxanne...thank you! It makes me want to have you over for dinner & try to live up to your estimation.

Risa said...

I was checking if Sage and Co. was open yet?

The White Bench said...

Robin's egg blue + distressing is just perfect for that cute piece! Love it!
As for the prom dress...what about a vintage one?? They were sooo elegant!